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Category : Fresh Fruits


This pale to bright orange variety makes up most of what’s in the market today. Because it has no tannins, it is not astringent like the Hachiya, and can be eaten while still firm. It is crisp, sweet, and crunchy, rather like a Fuji apple.

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Japonica Sticky Rice

Category : Rice

A new japonica rice, course type variety was approved with the name of Fakhre Malakand in 2003 by the governament of khyber pakhtunkhwa from the mountains and cooler areas of K.P.K . The varierty is cold tolerant, early maturing, medium height with bold and medium grain and Sticky in nature.

Fakhre Malakand variety of japonica rice and has been registered with this name with Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Islamabad and provincial Seed Council in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Fakhre Malakand rice is becoming very popular and grown in cold weather areas at altitude of more than  1000 meters. Fakhre Malakand is irrigated by snow fed rivers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its grain is more qualitative in volume, shape and taste as compared to japonica rice variety Kosihikarai.

On milling the Fakhre Malakand rice gives higher head rice (56.8%) as compared to Kosihikarai (38.5%). The grain size and shape is also better than Kosihikarai.

The variety has also higher quality index (1.33) than Kosihikarai (0.91) which shows that the Fakhre Malakand variety has better cooking and eating quality than other japonica rice varieties.

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Fresh Peaches

Category : Fresh Fruits

Peach (prunus persica) is the most  important among the stone fruit and is temperate in nature. It is considered the native of China and probably developed in persia. It is traditional crop of Swat in  Pakistan and occupies the area of 10000 acres with the production of 250000 US M/T. Swat valley is the main growing area of peach. It is delicious in taste and  attractive in flavour and aroma. It contains 10-14. percent sugar, 2 percent protein and rich in ascorbic acid. Vitamins A and B besides iron, phosphorus and calcium.

Swat district is the largest producer of different varieties of peach in the country where farmers have been growing almost all types of peaches. peaches are produced more than any other crop in Swat.

We are exporter of fresh Peaches from PakistanOur fresh Peaches are washed, waxed and graded on automatic plant and packed in attractive corrugated cartons.


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