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We deal in Exports of Sticky Rice, Herbs, Fresh & Dry Fruits and other food products from Pakistan to other countries around the globe.


We distribute Sticky Rice, Herbs, Fresh & Dry Fruits through out Pakistan. We deliver our goods in time and satisfaction.


We can Label our products with a label of your choice, so that you can compete in the market with out delay.


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Nuts A nut is a fruit composed of an inedible hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible. In general usage, a wide variety of dried seeds are called nuts.

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Dried Persimmon

Dried Persimmon The persimmon  (sometimes spelled persimon) is the edible fruit with shiny skin and is like red orange in color. Dried persimmon is used as fun snacks or travel food. Persimmon production in swat is about 228550 M/T.

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Mangoes The entire world knows that the Mango is the king of all fruits due to its distinctive sweetness, juiciness, pulpy fibers, magical aroma and ultra deliciousness followed with a number of popular varieties that were produced to cultivate this sweetest gift from nature on diverse climatic conditions and variable cultivation targets across the world

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Sweet Persimmon (HIRATANENASI-KAKI) This pale to bright orange variety makes up most of what’s in the market today. Because it has no tannins, it is not astringent like the Hachiya, and can be eaten while still firm. It is crisp, sweet, and crunchy, rather like a Fuji apple.

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Japonica Sticky Rice

A new japonica rice, course type variety was approved with the name of Fakhre Malakand in 2003 by the governament of khyber pakhtunkhwa from the mountains and cooler areas of K.P.K . The varierty is cold tolerant, early maturing, medium height with bold and medium grain and Sticky in nature. Fakhre Malakand variety of japonica rice and

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Fresh Peaches

Peach (prunus persica) is the most  important among the stone fruit and is temperate in nature. It is considered the native of China and probably developed in persia. It is traditional crop of Swat in  Pakistan and occupies the area of 10000 acres with the production of 250000 US M/T. Swat valley is the main growing

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Kinno (Mandarin)

Kinnow is a Citrus fruit variety Mandarin majorly grown in the province of Punjab. Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of Kinow (mandarin) and oranges in the world, with 2.1 million tons. Pakistan world mandarin and oranges market share during the year 1997 was 0.9 percent and 3.6 percent in terms of value and volume respectively. Pakistan

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Wild Mushroom/Morels

Morel Mushrooms are one of the most readily recognized of all the edible mushrooms and highly sought after. Each fruit body begins as a tightly compressed, grayish sponge with lighter ridges, and expands to form a large yellowish sponge with large pits and ridges raised on a large white stem. The pitted yellow-brown caps measure

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Licorice is a plant. You are probably most familiar with it as a flavoring in foods, beverages, and tobacco. The root is used to make medicine. Licorice is used for various digestive system complaints including stomach ulcers,heartburn, colic, and ongoing inflammation of the lining of the stomach (chronicgastritis). Some people use licorice for sore throat,

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