Himalyan Pink Salt


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Himalayan Pink Salt

Pakistan is a land of tremendous natural and mineral resources, It is the blessing of Almighty God that we are enriched with those resources which are rarely found in other parts of the world, Himalayan pink salt is one of the them. Khewra Salt Mines are the oldest salt mines in Indo-Pak history which are located at the foothills of the salt range. These mines are situated in the Jhelum District of the Punjab region. The salt is found in an irregular shape. It is made edible, shapeable, and exportable through refinery works. It is worth noting that in these mines, the rock salt is 99 percent pure and utilized for edible and exportable purposes.
Pink Himalayan Salt is one of the most precious salts which is extracted from the salt range in Jhelum, Punjab. This salt has some unique features and is considered a highly valued salt. It is famous for its various uses which are included cooking, treatments, lamps, decoration, and so on.

Pink Himalayan salt has the same qualities and is tried for various functions. The popularity of Himalayan
pink and rock salt is widely spread and not only in Pakistan the salt is popular but in foreign countries, particularly in the USA, it has gained value and recognition. Its distinguished and superior merit is evident from the fact that Pakistan had decided to register Himalayan pink salt as Geographical Indications to avoid its unauthorized usage by other nations.